The Top 10 Most Common Childhood Illnesses

Children are exposed to so many pathogens in the air they breathe and the water they drink. No matter how cautious a parent is, there are some illnesses of childhood that simply cannot be avoided most of the time. But the growing years when children acquire these infections are when their immune system gets better. Here are the most common illnesses that are prone to occur in children –

  1. Common cold becomes a consistent problem and this can be contagious too.
  2. Pain in the ear could be due to infections or other illnesses.
  3. A cough which can be a dry cough or a cough with phlegm can be bothersome especially at night.
  4. Respiratory tract infection and mild pneumonia are also known to be a trigger for wheeze in a cough.
  5. If the child complains of severe stomach pain it could be gastroenteritis.
  6. Those sore throat episodes could be due to strep throat caused by bacteria.
  7. Rashes and infections on the skin could be due to so many different reasons.
  8. Bronchitis and bronchiolitis are both viral infections that can cause trouble breathing.
  9. Sinusitis caused by bacteria might sometimes be accompanied by fever as well.
  10. Children who control their bladder too much might also be susceptible to urinary tract infection.

If you look at most of the illnesses that occur in children most of them might exhibit similar symptoms. Treating the condition before it gets worse is possible if the parents take steps immediately. Make sure that you prepare a diet chart that helps build immunity in kids. And the other most important thing to do is to control the consumption of unhealthy snacks. You can also invest in easy tools like the ones here on this page so that your kids would be able to enjoy their favorite snacks prepared in a hygienic way, at home. …