Here’s Why a Cold Shower May Be More Beneficial for Health than a Warm One

What can be more exhilarating than a hot shower after an intense workout, right?  You got it all wrong.  According to several studies, cryotherapy or having a bath in cold water has several health benefits.

  1. It will reduce the incidence of delayed muscle soreness which normally sets in two or three days after an intense exercise.
  2. It aids a speedy recovery from a workout.
  3. It is also believed that intermittent exposure to cold water for short periods of time will build the body’s resistance to disease and stress and improve its immunity.
  4. Cold showers have another added benefit of aiding in weight loss. Whenever you are exposed to cold, your system works hard to maintain homeostasis and, in the process, it stimulates your brown fat which is nothing but the fat that burns to produce heat. So, cold water stimulates this fat to burn regular fat. Even drinking cold water activates the brown fat.
  5. Cold water does wonders for your hair and your skin. Dermatologists advice eczema patients to bathe in cold water as it does not dry skin like hot water and tightens the skin and prevents entry of germs and dirt.

How does cold water work?

We all know that to bring down an inflammation a cold pack is used because it prevents swelling and accumulation of fluid in the point of injury. Also, cold numbs the nerve ends and reduces the pain. So, what cold water does is that it decreases the inflammation in the parts of the body that have been used the most during the workout. it is believed that the ideal water temperature for a speedy recovery is between 10-15 degrees C. 

You must venture into cold water therapy slowly and build your resistance to cold gradually; there are several useful gadgets at ApexHealthandcare to aid you in the shift from warm water to cold showers.