Dustless hardwood floor refinishing

On this Blog I will talk about dustless hardwood floor refinish, painting and other tips on renovations, when you have to start your project while still living in the house which is many times the case weather you move into your new home and didn’t have time to refinish while it was empty , or simply because you want to change the appearance of your rooms, you want to get your wood floors refinish, is always good to find a company that have the equipment necessary to do a dustless job, why? sanding wood is a very dusty business it can get in your air conditioning system, on your walls furniture… well you get it. In conclusion find a company that will protect with plastic doors and the vents, also ask them if they are dustless, what does that mean? they will have vacuums attached to the sanding machines.

However, many companies will say they are if you don’t see vacuums that means they are not.

Dustless Sanding is a totally innovative method Everything that is innovative draws attention and if it is really good, it ends up conquering everything and everyone is no different when it came to hardwood floor refinishing techniques. By opting for the dustless sanding the client is able to optimize his time better, since it is not necessary to spend it on cleaning afterwards, as well as the guarantee of a quality service;

Faster delivery of the service: As the technique used for sanding also consists of vacuuming a large part of the powder at the same time as the procedure is performed, the time spent cleaning afterwards is much less than that of a conventional technique, since the two procedures are performed by a single device.


More satisfactory results: hardwood floor refinishing With less time spent and less waste, as soon as the refinishing of the hardwood floors is finished, the customer still will need to clean, even though is called dustless , is not 100% some dust will be left but it can be easily clean, since no more complex type of cleaning will need be made on the spot.


Want more beauty and sophistication in your home or business? So, invest in wooden floors. They are beautiful, exquisite and classic. But, to maintain its beauty, some care is necessary, the main one being the application of varnish on wooden floors, because with this finish, the wood will be protected for many years and it will remain shiny for decades to come, getting perfect even if you use it daily.

Decorators and architects of environments bet on wooden floors for a more beautiful, cozy and sophisticated environment. Decoration professionals know well where to find quality products for application on wooden floors. There are many brands and kind of varnish or let’s call it polyurethane, Before applying varnish the sanding process should be done and a sealer applied, for clear and modern look the best is to use a satin or super satin finish, water or oil based the final result if all done in the best practices will be amazing.

Glenny’s Painting is a company that can help with the paint part of your renovation if you are in North Carolina they delivery high quality professional services, as many others you have to research in your area and see if the contractors are licensed and insured, if they have reviews online and if possible get a free estimate when you will have someone at your home you want to meet the person first and get the face to face feeling, many times only by the way they answer the phone and answer all your questions you can have the idea on how professional the company is, most of the contractors in USA are family owned companies, passing from generation to generation, manual work, craftsmen need years of experience to perform a good quality job and this means they will value their work , you need to consider prices, don’t go for the cheapest one if you are looking for quality.